Supporting “America’s Best”
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The Big Bang Entertainment company in conjunction with the “Bangers” All American Rock-n-Roll Band® is supporting the “Have a Heart – Save a LifeTM Fund” with their music.  Their new CD, Supporting “America’s Best” was released October 1st for digital download.  The CD can be ordered exclusively at the  All proceeds of this CD and digital downloads net of expenses will be donated to the fund. Three songs featured on You-Tube video released on October 1, 2009 about the “Have a Heart – Save a LifeTM Fund” are found in the new CD.

Supporting “America’s Best”™ includes a compilation of songs from two Banger album’s being released this year, Tribute to America’s Best™ and Journey To Eternity™. It also includes a song Help Me to Live© from the album the Bangers are currently recording, The Softer Side of Hard Times™. The songs can be downloaded at .  The CD can be ordered at

Laser Energetics, Inc. has teamed up with the Star Spangled Americans Society, Inc., 501(c)(3) organization, (Tax ID # 20-3683253), to create a new charitable fund.  Laser Energetics is the manufacturer of the Dazer Laser™ Defender and the Dazer Laser™ Guardian products, which are part of the Company’s Ultimate “Non-Lethal – Less Violent” Weapons Serving Humanity.  The fund is being created to support the families of police officers and the U.S. Military killed in the line of duty.  The net proceeds from the sale of Have a Heart T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc. will go to the Have a Heart Save a Life™ Fund.  In addition, $25 from the sale of every Dazer Laser™ Defender and $15 from the sale of every Dazer Laser™ Guardian will also go to the fund.

Donations can also be made to support the fund.

Purchase the CD here